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Rethinking the journey from farms to plate

A research study to capture Sri Lankan consumer’s sentiment on food security during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Impact of Covid19 on Colombo’s Urban Consumers

Sparkwinn Research conducted an online survey among Colombo's urban consumers to understand the disruptions and changing behavior of how people work and shop.

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Are consumers getting ready to bounce back

Sri Lankan’s are beginning to see a ray of light under the tunnel according to the economic outlook survey conducted by Sparkwinn Research among 300 respondents in 5 districts of the country.

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Setting Sights on the Next Million credit card users in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s credit card industry is becoming increasingly dynamic. The number of new cards issued has declined but purchase volume & transaction value has increased steeply. Glamour and dynamism added to the category in terms of card offers have played a key role in this development. Card penetration in Sri Lanka is still at a lower level, so scope is there to grow the category. Differentiation and effective appealing to various segments of consumers is essential in this highly competitive market.

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Students journey to higher Education

What do Sri Lankan students look for and how do they select a higher education service provider? Sparkwinn's Short research report for higher education sector with the check list of 5 action points to follow