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Social Research

Social research and analysis is conducted to study processes, phenomena and problems that have a social nature, namely: the peculiarities of people's behavior in different situations, in different cultural environments, the formation of public opinion, attitudes to various organizations and phenomena of social life, public awareness of something, leisure practices of different population groups, values and norms, the distribution of roles in the family and much more.

Behavioral Study

Encloses a framework to analyze and study behavior and societal phenomena.

Longitudinal Study

An obesrvational research method which gathers information on the same study over a series of time.

Monitoring & Evaluation Study

To provide a benchmark idea to the study, to observe and analyze an initiative while it continues and after its completed.

KAP Study

To analyze the knowledge, attitude and practice of people in the society on the study issues.

Triangulation Study

Use of multiple data sources and study methods to investigate a study well.

Impact Assesment

To investigate the end line results of an initiative or project.

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